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My newborn session philosophy

Newborn photography was not at all on my radar when I began to think seriously about turning my hobby into a business about five years ago. When a friend asked me to follow up her birth story session with photos of her newborn at home, I (with trepidation) agreed and came armed with what I thought were the required elements of newborn photography: props and plans for poses. And while many photographers do studio-type props and poses really well, I quickly discovered that it is just *not* my style!

Over the next several years I discovered what *is* my style of newborn photography and today photographing newborns is one of my favorite types of sessions. In a word, I shoot for what is natural. You will not find me putting babies into Christmas stockings or mailboxes or basically any other place you would not naturally find a newborn! Neither will you find me propping a sleeping newborn into artificial, Photoshopped positions against a pre-set background of my choice. In my opinion, nothing captures the beauty and intimacy of new life better than simply observing them as they are:

Being held...

Being loved on...

At home.

I capture little details, like the swirl of their hair...

Their tiny hands...

Their sweet profiles...

And how much they are loved by their tired yet overjoyed families!


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