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And I'm back!

It's been a while, friends, but Ashley Griffin Creations is back in business! A lot has happened since 2020 that prevented me from maintaining a regular flow of photography work, namely, a global pandemic, the world's longest maternity leave after my second daughter was born, and a move for my family from Houston to New Braunfels. To say that I am ready for stability and steady work again is an understatement!

I love photography for being able to capture all the little things that bring memories back in an instant. The worn out soles of pink cowboy boots. The blanket she loved. Hair falling loose from braids because ponytail holders cannot possible contain her level of constant motion. The warmth of my newborn in my arms. How big sister's high, sweet voice sang to the newborn as often as talked. The sound of their laughter. Her great grandmother's joy. The poignancy of celebrating turning one. Delight all around us.

So while my official work was set aside for a time, my camera was not! Here are some portrait glimpses into some of my family's little moments during my time away.


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