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Python in a party hat

I love being the photographer at a birthday party and sometimes there are parties that I leave with my face hurting from smiling and laughing so much. This was one of those parties! And not only were there children invited, but also reptiles.

They weren't joking about the animals.

Now while many of the kids were super eager, I was glad to know I wasn't the only one who felt like this as the reptile party guests were revealed:

The above photo makes me laugh every time I see it. It's so much fun to be working in the background at a party and catch genuine reactions from party goers! Usually the expressions are joy and laughter, but apparently also, um, terror and extreme skepticism!

Reptiles weren't the only highlight of this party. Cupcakes...

Pinata bashing...

And a bounce house for the sugar highs! And yes, I am that photographer who braves a bounce house for the sake of not missing a thing! There *might* have been cries of, "THERE'S AN ADULT IN THE BOUNCE HOUSE!!" from the party goers. One of the birthday kids assured everyone I had special access as the party photographer. That's V.I.P. access, y'all.

Even at a birthday party as wildly fun as this one there are quiet moments that are a treat to capture, like the birthday boy with his grandma...

And my favorite photo, a daddy leaning in to listen to his daughter...

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