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Photographing a birth story

Birth photography is honestly something that I never thought I would do, but (spoiler alert!) it has become one of my favorite photography experiences. The thing that attracted me to photography in the first place was capturing genuine, natural beauty in people and there is pretty much nothing as genuine and natural and beautiful as the day your child is born. When I saw and held my daughter for the first time there were absolutely no words running through my mind, just an overwhelming sense of awe. That first moment passes so quickly yet is such a culmination of months of hope and anticipation. It's an amazing honor for me to able to help parents remember the story of that day, from the small moments of waiting to the joyous moment of arrival.

The birth story featured in this blog post was one of extraordinary joy. Early in the pregnancy the parents found out that the likelihood of their baby's survival was very low due to an ongoing hemorrhage. Yet at every check up this baby surprised the doctors by hanging on and continuing to grow! I had the incredible privilege of being able to capture in photographs the story of the day she was born.

The anticipation...

The arrival...

And the joy!

This sweet baby girl was born healthy and full of life!

I stayed to catch the first few minutes of bonding...

And then slipped out to let the parents enjoy their new little girl alone.

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