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Get out the sparkly shoes...

Y'all. THIS is how excited I am to announce the completion of my snazzy new photography website!! And speaking of snazzy, should not gold sequined ballet flats be required wearing for us all? The pair featured by my subject in this photo suffered a broken strap between the 47th and 48th take of this shot but did that stop her? Of course not!

Now you may be wondering if every photo shoot with me requires 48 takes or gold sparkly shoes. It does not! However, either is allowed if you feel like it! My goal for child and family portraits is to capture the beauty of real life as you live it. I shoot portraits outside in natural light where your kids can run around and play between directed shots. (Or jump! See above.) In fact, many of my favorite photos happen during these candid moments of play and fun.

Clients can attest that I absolutely have as much fun as the kids on a photo shoot. (For example, when a young photo subject goes exploring and finds the biggest bull frog you've ever seen, it's kind of a perfect excuse to go sprinting wildlife/action-style through the brush to document that, right?) Whether it's a birthday party or event, family portrait, yearly photos of the kids, or a birth story you want to capture I would LOVE to be your photographer and preserve those memories for you!

So- let's have fun together!

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